In 2013, Wellness Institute International celebrated a milestone: our 25th year in the challenging but exhilarating world of natural medicine!


The Institute was founded in Silicon Valley, California, amidst the intellectual brilliance, thick-willed determination and boundless energy for discovery ushered in by the dawn of the computer age. We carried this spirit of innovation to the Philippines, where we opened our first facility in 2000.


Reaching out to more people in the community and the world continues to be our main goal. Our untiring commitment to help people live better and live longer prompted the opening of the Integrative Cancer Research Center (ICRC).

As one of world’s best and the only integrative cancer facility in Asia, ICRC broadens our service to the local and international communities by addressing the underlying causes of diseases, patient-centered whole person management, control of chronic diseases, integrative science-based healthcare approaches and engaging both patient and practitioner therapeutic partnership for more healthy, productive individuals and improved quality of life.



To help build healthy communities and a cancer free world.





To offer our more than twenty years of experience in innovative, expert and compassionate care; create a new paradigm in individual health through integrative medicine; and advance the understanding, diagnosis, treatments, cure and prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases.





Our five goals guide our mission to transform true health care:


  1. To develop, demonstrate, and implement effective integrative models for clinical service.
  2. To educate and train a new generation of health care professionals and scientists about integrative approaches to care for the benefit of their patients and themselves.
  3. To establish, through rigorous academic research, the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of integrative models of care and education.
  4. To design programs promoting public health, particularly among high risk and underserved populations, and disseminate innovative patient therapies and scientific discoveries to our target communities throughout the world.
  5. To be a leading voice in the national discourse shaping the future of healthcare based on our experiences in new models of medicine, professional education, and research.

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