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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines chronic diseases, also known as non-communicable diseases (NCDs), as “any ongoing or recurring health issue that has a significant impact on the lives of a person and/or their family. These will include conditions such as anxiety, asthma, cancer, coronary vascular disease, depression, diabetes, respiratory problems and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, lupus, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It accounts for 60 percent of total deaths globally (with 40 million deaths estimated occurring annually), and contributes to 40 percent of universal disease burden annually. It is projected that if no action is done in the present, these rates will increase to as high as 73 percent total deaths and a 60 percent disease burden respectively by 2020” (WHO, 2005).



Today, the world is facing an epidemic of unprecedented magnitude: the sky-rocketing prevalence of CHRONIC DISEASES.


Here are the current chronic disease statistics . . .

  • Every minute, one person dies from cardiovascular disease
  • Eight millions deaths worldwide per year from hypertension
  • Every minute, eight people die from diabetes
  • Global cancer data: 1 million new cases and 8.2 million cancer deaths in 2012
  • Every minute, two people die from lung cancer
  • Every minute, one woman dies from breast cancer
  • In 2015, 46.8 million people worldwide are living with dementia


Characteristics of chronic conditions:

  • Complex causes
  • Multiple risk factors
  • Undiagnosed for long periods
  • Prolonged course of illness
  • Impacts on ability to function; level of disability

The prevalence of NCDs continues to rise in the Philippines, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle is very much needed and as relevant as ever. More than half (58%) of total deaths in the country in 2003 were caused by NCDs. Vascular disease made up almost one-third (30.2%) of all deaths (Philippine Health Statistics, 2003).


The four major NCDs in the Philippines are cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and diabetes mellitus. These diseases are linked by four most common preventable risk factors related to lifestyle, namely: tobacco use, unhealthy diet (synthetic, processed junk and fast foods), lack of physical activity and alcohol use.


The Philippines is one of the 23 selected countries that contribute to around 80% of the total mortality burden attributable to chronic diseases in developing countries, and 50% of the total disease burden caused by non-communicable diseases worldwide (Lancet, 2007). This is not surprising, since the data shows that 90% of Filipinos have one or more of the six prevalent risk factors to NCD; i.e., smoking, physical inactivity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, overweight and obesity.

Chronic disease impacts not only the health of the individual and their families, but it has a broader impact on our communities and the economy.

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“Christine Gonzalez gets amazing results! The patient seen by Christine realize how to maintain their health through healthy eating and clean living. I spent 3 weeks in her clinic and my immune system was cleansed and boosted with vitamins. I left feeling great!



As American’s we take better care of our cars than we do our bodies. We do the maintenance that keeps our cars running in good condition, such as changing the oil, fuel and air filters. We cleanse and wax the outer vehicle to make sure it looks good and the paint last. At Christine’s clinic, I had my filters for my body cleaned. Her staff cleaned my liver, kidney, intestines and skin. The lymph nodes are the garbage collection system for the toxins of the body. I underwent Lymphatic Drainage to clean out the toxins collected there. This is a dangerous process and must be done by experts because if the toxins are released incorrectly, they could be released back into your body causing your system to be poisoned. Christine’s staff has an excellent Lymphatic Drainage system. The process was a wonderful cleansing massages. Wish I could do these cleansings here in the states.



When I left the Philippines, I felt tuned up and ready to go. And with Christine’s counsel, I was able to choose foods that nourish my freshly cleansed body. These are lessons I will use the rest of my life for healthy and clean living.



Thank you Christine!”

Brenda Richardson
RHIA with Louisiana Bureau of Credit Control Inc
(Source: Dra. Christine Gonzalez’ Linkedin)

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