Today, you have decided to make a difference in YOUR LIFE and THAT OF OTHERS by joining the Wellness Club

Welcome to the Wellness Club! Finally, you are ready to participate in a healthy environment, as we weave the unique threads of our individual lives into the tapestry of a more humane future. Unraveling and reweaving of the social fabric, acceleration of technology, and a new surge in health and spiritual awareness are only the beginnings of dramatic changes marking this millennium. We are experiencing profound shifts in society, science, health, technology, environment, spirituality and human consciousness.


Ageless wisdom teaches that only when we experience life simply and celebrate the ordinary do we live life to the fullest. Wellness is not a matter of accumulating more data or more special programs. Rather, wellness is realized by unburdening ourselves of all that prevents a natural state of basic health, which is the foundation of all happiness.


Together, let us take a stand; know and imagine what our lives and communities can be; heal our hearts and relationships; share ideas, true health, experiences, knowledge and spirit; uncover human possibilities and potentials; and find compatriots in action. This is a unique opportunity to link deeply with one another as a community with other social, spiritual, scientific, environmental, personal explorers and healers; and find our common vision of one healthy life, one healthy love and one healthy planet!


Once again, thank you for making this year your personal “Year of Wellness”- a time in which you can make the small lifestyle changes that make a big difference in your level of vitality, health and well-being.


The journey to higher levels of health, wellbeing and vitality is a continuous journey! Let us always remember to invite and take along our loved ones, friends and community on the path to wellbeing. With so much love, gratitude and prayers,


Dr. Christine E.V. Gonzalez

Founder, the Wellness Club, California USA 1998

the Wellness Club


To actively contribute in the building of healthy individuals, families and communities.


To offer each individual club member my thirty years of clinical experience in innovative, expert and compassionate care in order to achieve true health: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and cultural beings.


  1. To provide information, resources, healing tools and materials for members to achieve true health and total wellbeing, including that of the planet.
  2. To continuously research, explore and develop the best integral wellbeing programs, products and services for the members.
  3. To promote the life giving and health-protecting properties of nature’s resources as “The vital root of existence.”
  4. To help each club member identify for themselves areas that they are most motivated to change and create a personalized action plan.
  5. To actively participate in building wellness communities worldwide.

The Wellness Club grew from the vision and mission of the Wellness Institute International and its founders. It was originally formed exclusively for the Wellness Institute patients and friends, now, it is available to serve everyone.


The Wellness Club is an international community of health practitioners, educators, scientists, environmentalists, missionaries, individuals and groups who consciously choose to live a more balanced and fulfilling life through prevention of disease.


The main thrust of the club is wellness- not just the absence of disease, but the active process of achieving an individual’s full potential. Wellness is a choice and intention for achieving optimum health. It is both a holistic philosophy and active lifestyle that does not wait for a health crisis to occur.


We often view a person who shows no obvious signs or symptoms of health problems as healthy. Wellness is more than just the absence of symptoms and/or disease. It is more than getting enough exercise, proper nutrition or screening of health problems. True health entails working towards achieving optimum health, vitality and disease prevention. The great news is that the capacity for wellness is inherent in each of us!


Wellbeing is the condition of living consciously and fully to whatever degree we are able. When we embrace the state of wellness, we accept responsibility for our own existence and all aspects of our being. In a broader sense, wellness is a feeling of connectedness with our selves, community and environment. It begins with a decision to live each day actively and productively.

This is The Wellness Club!